Side Effects of Sytropin

Any form of medication and supplement has a side effect. This side effect can be minor or major depending on the type of medication and all possible side effects are mentioned on the literature of the medicine whether this is inside of the box or on the box itself. One does not have to be wary of side effects as some are bound to happen. One takes medicine for a certain imbalance in one’s system. When this imbalance is addressed, sometimes the body compensates in other means and methods. After all, the body’s defense mechanisms attacks any intruders or invaders and does not recognize good or bad. For example, taking cough medicine may have a side effect of making one drowsy or sleepy as its side effect, and if you look closely at a no drowse cough or cold medicine, you will find there is less content of the medicine. This means by taking the no drowse medicine, you actually take less of the active ingredient that causes the drowsiness.

For the natural supplement industry, even though they have no claim to guarantee for medical benefits, this industry is also guided by the transparency of any possible side effects of the product. Although not strictly enforced, there are some companies that go beyond the minimum requirements. One such company is Sytropin. It is one of the few companies that are FDA compliant with its products. This means that the company has complied with the FDA rules and regulations regarding natural and supplemental products. And sytropin states that its products are not to be ingested but uses an oral spray. This is for the optimal effect of its contents which is a combination of HGH hormones, L-group amino acids and growth factors. This oral spray is sprayed into the tongue’s lining and left to aerate for a few minutes. Hormones are not meant to be ingested in the mouth but to be absorbed. Sytropin is also not to be used by people in their 20’s.

The Human Growth Hormone or HGH is responsible for sending messages to the brain to replace dead cells with new ones. In essence it is the quarterback directing your body to grow on a cellular level. What encompasses cellular growth and replenishment? Well, it’s basically everything. New cells are responsible for height, metabolism, facial hair, mental sharpness, virility, muscle growth, skin tightness etc. When you are in your puberty years till your thirties, cellular replenishment is very active as you are growing up. When you reach your 40’s, your HGH levels slow down and actually operate on a deficit level. The result is that cellular replenishment decreases so your body slows down. You gain weight more and find it hard to lose weight, you start growing grey hairs, you lose your mental sharpness. In short you age. Sytropin helps you retard the aging process. For more information, go to: