Is Sytropin Safe?

With any product on the market there are certain questions that are always asked and the most common question is always is the product safe? It is a most valid question when talking about the safety issues of any products. For example, toys have safety warnings or clearances in their boxes and for a time, there were some toys from certain countries not allowed in the United States because their paint may have had some traces of lead and an accidental ingestion may be fatal to a child. For medicine products, the safety issue is even more stringent. Medicine can be potentially lethal if taken in wrong dosages or in wrong combinations. When Doctors prescribe medicines to a patient, they make sure they know the patient’s history most especially of any allergies the patient has. For health supplements, they are not bound by the same rulings as prescription medicine yet they still have to follow and comply with some standards set by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. In the case of the product called Sytropin, a Human Growth Hormone supplement, the issue of whether the product is safe is answered by their claim that it is FDA compliant.

What is HGH

The Human Growth Hormone or HGH is responsible for the replacement of our dead cells with new ones. In a way, it helps us regenerate our tissues on a cellular level. Acting like a trigger and a dispatcher, HGH senses dead cells and immediately orders new and healthy cells to replace these dead cells. Throughout one’s life, millions of cells are changed and on a daily basis, thousands even hundreds of thousands can die off, needing to be replaced. This activity is most active during the puberty through the early 30’s. During such time, the growth years, we experience a heightened sense of energy, almost like a high. We are restless, and full of vim. For some we have growth spurts, and for all of us the development of facial and pubic hair occurs. HGH is responsible for this.

There is a catch

As we get older, HGH levels decrease and recede. By the time we reach our 40’s, we are on deficit HGH levels. For this reason, when reaching that age, we seem to slow down. We don’t metabolize as fast as we used to and we gain extra weight that we can’t seem to shed. We tire easily and do not recover as fast as before.


Sytropin is a natural supplement geared to getting us to our optimal HGH levels, what makes this product safe is how the supplement is administered. It is not ingested like a pill but sprayed to the lining of the tongue and left to aerate. This safety measure is good since we are talking about HGH components with L-group amino acids.For more information, please log on to