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If you are forty years and older, and you feel a bit sluggish most of the days Do you feel more tired than you used to despite the same workload every time? Is it hard for you to lose weight despite the dieting and exercise? Then you are feeling the effects of aging. Then, perhaps you should try this product- Sytropin- a Human Growth Hormone natural supplement. You can buy this product with a 90 day money back guarantee. This is how Sytropin Works.

HGH and You

We are dependent on the Human Growth Hormone or HGH in our physical and mental growth. HGH is responsible for triggering healthy cells to replace dead cells in our body, which happens on a daily basis and by the thousands of cells. Located in the anterior pituitary gland, HGH acts optimally during the puberty years till the mid 30’s. This is when we experience the growth spurts, facial and pubic hair growth and rapid muscle growth and development. This is also the time when we are most strong and almost feel impervious to sickness. HGH has a major hand in making us strong with its rapid replacement of dead cells.

However, as we age and hit our 40’s, the levels of HGH in our body decreases thereby decreasing the production of healthy cells to replace dead cells. When this occurs, many things happen. Our skin begins to wrinkle, we grow grey hair or some lose their hair. Our muscles stop growing rapidly and recovery from sports and physical exercise takes longer. This is what the aging process is all about. It is the decreased replacement of healthy cells in our body. Everyone experiences it though some experience it later than others. This is also the reason why there are some people who age differently or look younger. They are one of the lucky ones with still high HGH levels.


The HGH supplement Sytropin addresses the issue of the lack of HGH with its combination of HGH components with L group amino acids and Growth Factors. Some of these include Alpha Gpc which increases the HGH secretion, Gaba- which improves the plasma hormone levels, Glycine which is the protein building block to increase the neurotransmission activity of hormones, L-Dopa Bean Extract—to help stimulate muscle growth and fat burning, L-glutamine which increases metabolism and boosts the immune system and others as well. Sytropin is also an oral spray. You take this supplement by spraying it in your tongue and letting it aerate. This is how the hormonal supplement should be taken, and not ingested like a pill. For more information, please go to: